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Assessment of Student Essay Writing Center

Research conducted recently examined how new students feel about a writing center. To gauge students’ opinions of the writing facility, the researchers applied three strategies that included a pre-tutorial survey, two interviews post-tutorial, and an interview with a instructor from the center. These data were combined to create a complete description of the writing center learning experience.

Joseph Cheatle (2015) and Margaret Bullerjahn (2015) conducted research on the undergraduate students’ perceptions about writing centers. The students were required to answer a survey regarding their perceptions about the facility and the type of experience they found it to be like. They were also required to explain why they didn’t take advantage of the center. The results revealed that students were mostly predisposed to certain beliefs about the writing center.

In addition, the study also featured two semi-structured conversations with college students who attended the first visit to the writing center. All interviewees completed a questionnaire. These questions focused on the experiences they had and what they expected when they started the tutorial.

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